OpenMedia’s Impact

Since 2010 OpenMedia has been creating hard-hitting campaigns in 3 key pillars: online privacy, access, and free expression. We bring together hundreds of thousands of people to fight for an internet that's open, affordable, and surveillance-free.

2023 campaign highlights

Campaign Pillar Outcome to Date Links

Bill C-11: Our fight to defend #MyChoice and fix Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act.

Free Expression

Since December 2020, OpenMedia community members sent over 200,000 messages to our MPs, Senators, and the Department of Canadian Heritage, calling on them to protect user content and respect our online choices in Bill C-11 and its 2020 predecessor, Bill C-10. 

On November 14, 2023, the government issued a policy direction to the CRTC asking them to prioritize user choice in C-11’s implementation.

Fair Competition Laws: Our fight for Competition Act reform in Canada to reign in our monopolies, in telecom, tech and elsewhere.


Over 23,800 members of the OpenMedia and Ekō communities endorsed the Anti-Monopoly Charter, which lays out core principles for effective Competition Act reform in Canada. OpenMedia testified to the House and Senate about its importance. Ultimately this led to the introduction of 3 bills to fix the Competition Act and the passing of Competition Reform Bill C-56.

Demand Privacy! Our fight for right-respecting privacy legislation.


For over 3 years OpenMedia fiercely advocated calling on the government to implement concrete privacy protections.Thanks to YOUR relentless dedication and unwavering determination, the government finally introduced Bill C-27, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, marking a significant milestone in safeguarding digital privacy rights.

Milestone campaigns over the years

Image for  How OpenMedia fought for  net neutrality!

2024: How OpenMedia fought for net neutrality!

It was a sad day for the Internet when Ajit Pai’s FCC repealed #NetNeutrality back in 2017. But the Internet and the OpenMedia community fought back. Here’s the story how we did it. Read More

Image for Your voice DELIVERED: Over 20K signatures to the government demanding Right to Repair

2022: Your voice DELIVERED: Over 20K signatures to the government demanding Right to Repair

Over 20K of the OpenMedia community have spoken out to support the right to repair legislation! Read More

Image for OpenMedia takes out full-page Ottawa Citizen ad inviting CRTC Chair Ian Scott for beers

2021: OpenMedia takes out full-page Ottawa Citizen ad inviting CRTC Chair Ian Scott for beers

On July 17th, OpenMedia placed a full-page ad in the Ottawa Citizen inviting CRTC Chair Ian Scott for a beer to discuss Internet regulation — just like he did with Bell! Read More

Image for You saved the .ORG domain!

2020: You saved the .ORG domain!

The OpenMedia community rallied together and helped save the .ORG domain registry from being sold to a private equity firm, protecting the interests of non-profits and charities. Read More

2019: Good news for Internet affordability, as CRTC lowers wholesale broadband Internet rates

Lower barriers for smaller providers means people in Canada may see more choice and lower Internet prices on the horizon Read More

2018: Huge win for Canadians as CRTC rejects Bell’s website blocking proposal

Welcome ruling protects Canada from overreaching censorship agency, deferring jurisdiction to reviews of the Copyright, Telecommunications and Broadcasting Acts Read More

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