Profile picture of Laura Tribe

Laura Tribe

Laura is OpenMedia's Executive Director.

Profile picture of Shantini Klaassen

Shantini Klaassen

Shantini (Shawn-tin-nee) is OpenMedia's Operations Director. Her non-profit background is in the arts, most recently as the operational leader of two of Vancouver's most exciting theatre companies; the Vancouver Fringe Festival and Electric Company Theatre. She's passionate about OpenMedia's human rights advocacy that helps make the internet equitable for everyone. When she's not working or chasing after her two small humans, you can find her thrifting and perfecting her croissant recipe.

Profile picture of Marianela Ramos

Marianela Ramos

Marianela is OpenMedia’s Manager of Digital. She came to the advocacy world by way of design and communications. When she’s not at OM, she can be found producing podcasts.

Profile picture of Matt Hatfield

Matt Hatfield

Matt is OpenMedia’s Campaigns Director. His previous work focuses on bridging the gap between good policy and messy political reality, with 5 years experience leading international digital rights advocacy at IFEX, and previous experience with the UN Environment program and Canopy Planet. He holds a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia, and a Masters of Global Affairs from the University of Toronto. He loves cats and swing dance, and only infrequently attempts to combine the two.

Profile picture of Krusheska M. Quirós

Krusheska M. Quirós

Krusheska is the Operations & Digital Security Manager at OpenMedia. She brings with her a multidisciplinary background that extends from forensic science to community meshed networks with many other areas in between. One of her main insterests is the intersection of technology, activism and community development with an emphasis on the key role that different modes of communication –especially  telecommunications and their infrastructure– play in strengthening the self-reliance and autonomy of our communities.

Profile picture of Erin Knight

Erin Knight

Erin is a Senior Campaigner at OpenMedia. Erin has always loved the Internet; her passion began in childhood, when she taught herself HTML to add a sparkly background to her Neopets page (and a butchered MIDI version of Avril Lavigne’s Sk8ter Boi). Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and a Certificate in Sustainability Studies from the University of Calgary. A rural Manitoban at heart and an advocate for rural youth, Erin is especially fired up about the Digital Divide and the many ways digital equity can empower Canadians living outside of cities.

Profile picture of Ramneet Bhullar

Ramneet Bhullar

Ramneet is a Digital Rights Campaigner at OpenMedia. Her digital advocacy journey began by questioning her own positionality as a digital native and worked towards creating tools in aiding digital immigrants with online spaces. Ramneet holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Technology and Society from the University of Victoria. During this time, she worked on numerous research projects on campus in the Department of Computer Science, Political Science, and Technology and Society program. When out of the office, you can catch Ramneet hiking the nearest trail.

Profile picture of Chelsey Stuyt

Chelsey Stuyt

Chelsey is OpenMedia's Development Manager. She came to the digital rights world via the arts non-profit sector with a strong interest in leveraging storytelling to change the world. She majored in English and Ancient History with a MA focused on narratology (why we tell stories). Outside of the office she hones her photography, writing, and directing skills with local film and theatre projects.

Profile picture of Rosa Addario

Rosa Addario

Rosa is OpenMedia’s Communications Manager. She first found her passion for digital advocacy in her undergrad, where she focused her research on media policy and regulation in Canada. A researcher through and through, she completed an undergraduate fellowship studying early Canadian telecommunications technology from the 1970s and 1980s. She’s excited to bring her experience in the non-profit startup sector to the OpenMedia team. When she’s not at work, you can find her designing furniture, cooking big dinners for her friends, and cuddling with her cat Raspy. 

Profile picture of Dylan Armitage

Dylan Armitage

Dylan is OpenMedia’s Development Coordinator. Dylan found a passion for digital media through first hearing about concentration in Canadian telecom during his undergrad at Carleton University. From there, Dylan took that passion into a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies at the University of Winnipeg studying established media industries’ regulatory and market practices for insight into emerging digital media industries, looking at their novel issues as well as their potential to empower communities. Outside of the office, you can probably find Dylan walking with his dog Ruby or online in his favourite Discord server.

OpenMedia's Board

Profile picture of Dylan Blanchard

Dylan Blanchard

Dylan is a leader of the user experience research organization at Shopify, working to identify opportunities to lower the barriers to entrepreneurship for people around the world. He’s spent the majority of his career in the technology industry, gaining expertise as a user experience researcher, becoming known for his ability to help teams make sense of complex environments so they can deliver value to customers while building towards longer term visions. Dylan uses his curiosity of human behaviours and their motivations to solve real problems for real people.

Profile picture of Linda Cabral

Linda Cabral

Linda Cabral is a Research & Policy Analyst at the Canadian Council of Public-Private Partnerships. Previously, Linda worked at Twitter where she supported a range of policy projects, on subjects including disinformation, privacy, content moderation, safety, civic engagement, social impact, and the open internet. Additionally, she has worked as a political consultant, having strategically advised and managed campaigns federally and municipally. Linda has worked across the sectors of child protection, education, tech, and infrastructure. She is also a big fan of tiny little dogs, specifically chihuahuas.

Profile picture of Rob McClinton

Rob McClinton

Rob McClinton is the founder and CEO of Designing Nation Holdings and its internet registrar, Small World Communications, a hosting and online marketing company focused on small and local businesses. He is a 25 year tech industry veteran with roots in several startups including and X1 Technologies. He has spent more than 10 years in the internet industry. Rob's career started with developing and leading sales organizations before moving into executive management, management coaching, and entrepreneurship. He's passionate about helping people and organizations achieve their goals. He’s the Executive Director of the Idealab Alumni Association and serves on the development committee for Innovate Pasadena.

Profile picture of Angela Plohman

Angela Plohman

Angela has dedicated her career to building and growing nonprofit organizations and programs, and have specifically spent close to two decades playing key leadership roles in the fields of art, culture and open source technology. As Executive Vice President at Mozilla, she has been critical in evolving the Foundation into an advocacy and education organization. Prior to Mozilla, she was the Director of Baltan Laboratories, a laboratory for art and technology based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. She also served in key roles at the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam, the Blender Foundation in Amsterdam, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology in Montreal. She has written and spoken extensively on art and the importance of research and production spaces for artists and professionals working creatively with technology.

Profile picture of Travis Smith

Travis Smith

Travis founded Hop Studios, a web design and development company that focuses on helping progressive social enterprises create modern, robust and efficient  online tools. He has been building content-rich, elegant websites since 1994, when he was  one of the original creators of the Los Angeles Times website. He’s also been the editor of and a lecturer at the University of Southern California and BCIT. He lives in  Calgary and in his free(ish) time, he plays many flying disc sports.

Profile picture of Atinder Vaid

Atinder Vaid

Atinder’s Finance and Accounting background spans multiple non-profit organizations at the local, national, and international levels. He currently works in the accounting department for a Canadian based international non-profit which implements technological education programs for youth in developing countries. He has seen young entrepreneurs transform their communities as a result of these programs and understands the need for equitable digital access globally.

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