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Toothless CRTC decision guarantees more unaffordable cell phone prices for Canada

Regulator has yet again failed consumers, as it rejects innovative new cell phone providers and doubles down on a failed strategy
Image for Survey Results: The Privacy Act in Canada

Survey Results: The Privacy Act in Canada

The OpenMedia community rallied together to make our voices heard about the importance of privacy protections in the public sector.
Image for Stop Rogers from buying out Shaw!

Stop Rogers from buying out Shaw!

If we don’t stop this disaster of a sale, fewer providers in the market will lead to these services getting even MORE expensive!
Image for Call your MP and demand affordable Internet for all

Call your MP and demand affordable Internet for all

We’re making sure our representatives know we’re done waiting for cheaper Internet! If enough of us flood their phone lines and voicemail, MPs will be forced to make this issue a priority

National Day of Action Demands Affordable Internet for Everyone in Canada

Advocates, academics, and companies come together to call on federal government and CRTC to deliver lower prices

Open Letter — Canada can’t wait for affordable Internet

The government and the CRTC have tools to remedy the situation, but aren't using them effectively. It is time for change.

Canadians Cannot Afford Rogers Acquisition of Shaw Communications

Higher cell phone prices inevitable conclusion to elimination of fourth wireless provider
Image for Ask your MP to fix Bill C-11 and #FixPrivacy in Canada

Ask your MP to fix Bill C-11 and #FixPrivacy in Canada

Our government boasted about imposing some of the highest fines for privacy violations in the world. Now we know these fines won't apply to many of Canada’s most high profile and egregious privacy incidents over the last few years. Ask your MP to amend Bill C-11 to make privacy protections stronger.
News headlines about companies that committed high profile privacy violations in the last few years that would face no fines under Bill C-11

Will Bill C-11 #FixPrivacy in Canada or make it worse?

We were told that Bill C-11 would introduce huge fines for privacy violations. We put it to the test and it completely fails.

Enough is enough: National Day of Action demands affordable internet for Canadians

Pro-consumer coalition launches, says federal government and regulators must deliver more competition and lower prices

OpenMedia works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. We create community-driven campaigns to engage, educate, and empower people to safeguard the Internet.

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