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Image for The CRTC just screwed Canadians, and only the government can fix it.

The CRTC just screwed Canadians, and only the government can fix it.

In a shameless policy reversal, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) just scrapped its own lower Internet wholesale rates from 2019 and reverted to the oppressively high 2016 rates — despite us already paying some of the highest prices in the world!
Image for Stop Rogers from buying out Shaw!

Stop Rogers from buying out Shaw!

If we don’t stop this disaster of a sale, fewer providers in the market will lead to these services getting even MORE expensive!
Image for Call your MP and demand affordable Internet for all

Call your MP and demand affordable Internet for all

We’re making sure our representatives know we’re done waiting for cheaper Internet! If enough of us flood their phone lines and voicemail, MPs will be forced to make this issue a priority


Two FCC commissioners are against Net Neutrality, and two are for it. With one empty seat on the FCC, President Biden must urgently appoint a pro-consumer, pro-Net Neutrality commissioner.
Image for Done Waiting

Done Waiting

As a voter in their riding, your MP knows you’re watching their actions and will be deciding whether to vote for them in the next Federal election. Email them now and demand to know what real action they’re taking for Internet affordability!
Image for Get Canada Connected

Get Canada Connected

As schools, workplaces, stores, government services and community events move online, a whopping 59% of rural households across Canada still don’t have access to reliable high-speed Internet. Let’s change that!
Image for Right to Repair

Right to Repair

Manufacturers are making it harder for us to repair products we buy. Instead, we’re being forced to replace our appliances and devices more frequently, leading to an increase in costs and a massive global e-waste problem. We can change this. Fight for your right to repair!

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