Our Mission:

OpenMedia is a community-driven organization that works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. We operate as a civic engagement platform to educate, engage, and empower Internet users to advance digital rights around the world.

What We Do:

We use the Internet to save the Internet. By uniting the voices of Internet users worldwide, we are building a community that is finding new ways to protect and nourish access, free expression, and privacy online.

We educate the Internet community about key issues of the day.

We engage Internet users in mass collaborative campaigns using social media and innovative online tools.

We empower people by opening government processes to public input and scrutiny, and by crowdsourcing positive policy plans.

The Internet needs you.

We see the Internet as an open place, equally accessible to everyone, that empowers people to build a more connected and collaborative world.

So why do we need you?

Because the Internet is in trouble.

How? Well, old-dated businesses and governments want to control the Internet.

The Internet was created for sharing and connecting, not for censorship or surveillance.

If Big Telecom providers control the Internet, they’ll slow down your favorite web services, raise prices, and even censor content or entire platforms. This is not fiction. They’re actively lobbying for legislation that will give them these powers..

On the other hand, governments are using the Internet to spy on you. Security agencies across the world are turning the greatest tool for connectivity that mankind has ever invented into a tool to spy on the private lives of everybody.

How did I not know about this?

Discussions on the future of the Internet are not easy to follow. Apart from the technical jargon and complicated nature of legislative decisions, many of the big discussions on the future of the Internet happen in closed-door meetings between powerful industry lobbyists and government bureaucrats.

In other words, our government systems don’t make it easy for you to get involved and understand the issues.

Ok, so where does OpenMedia come in?

At OpenMedia, we make it simple for you to learn about the issues and amplify your voice for change. We’ve built a community of people who care about the Internet and share their ideas, and we’ve designed tools to help you spread the word and take action.

This sounds like a ton of work. What can I do?

It IS a ton of work, but we will make it easy for you to learn about what’s happening and then take action with us. We’ve already proven that when thousands of people like you speak up, governments listen. We’ve created some of the most successful online campaigns to keep the Internet open, so we know what works.

The Internet won’t save itself. It needs people like you to save it—to keep it free, open and democratic. You can help by supporting our work through donations or by taking action with us!

These are the three pillars of Internet rights that guide our work:


In order for everyone to benefit from the open Internet, we need universal access to fast, open and affordable networks. Access to the Internet is a right.

Free Expression

An open Internet is a place of free dialogue and creative expression, a place where we can all connect and collaborate in shaping the solutions to the world’s problems. Censorship and interference—like government takedowns or content blocking—are the enemies of the Internet.


An open Internet is free from mass government surveillance and the reckless treatment of sensitive data. Using the Internet to spy on innocent people without their consent degrades our freedom, security, and democracy.

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