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Image for Protect our privacy during COVID-19

Protect our privacy during COVID-19

Sign the petition telling our government to commit to key privacy principles for any tracking measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic
Image for Protect Encryption in Canada

Protect Encryption in Canada

Our ability to use the Internet safely, securely and privately is under threat. Canada’s security partners in the Five Eyes Alliance are attacking encryption and passing dangerous legislation mandating ‘back doors’ that weaken Internet safety for us all.
Image for 5 eyes: Save Encryption

5 eyes: Save Encryption

Ministers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the U.S. have gone public with their plans for a huge attack on our personal security. We must stop these attacks on privacy.

OpenMedia works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. We create community-driven campaigns to engage, educate, and empower people to safeguard the Internet.

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