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Your voice DELIVERED: Over 20K signatures to the government demanding Right to Repair

Over 20K of the OpenMedia community have spoken out to support the right to repair legislation!

On November 9, 2022, OpenMedia delivered over 20,943 petition signatures urging our government to enshrine broad right to repair legislation in Canada.  Our delivery comes amid ongoing Parliamentary consideration of a private member's right to repair bill, Bill C-244. You can read our petition delivery by clicking here

For far too long, manufacturing giants have exploited Canadian consumers by making their products increasingly expensive and challenging to repair through restrictive warranties, software locks, design features and restrictions on who can access spare parts and repair manuals. By making their products more expensive to repair or disposable, people are forced to replace their products more often, increasing the cost of ownership. This is costing Canadians thousands of dollars to repair their devices and hurting the environment by amassing massive amounts of e-waste. 

But a new bill could put this toxic cycle on hold. Bill C-244 is a private member’s bill that amends the Copyright Act to make it easier for consumers to repair their devices at an affordable price. Bill C-244’s changes would ensure that all Canadians have full ownership rights over their devices, including the right to repair them on their own at an affordable rate, minimizing e-waste and promoting consumer rights.

Momentum for the right to repair movement has never been stronger.  With rising costs due to inflation, the need for the right to repair has never been clearer. Canadians need full ownership over their devices to repair them sustainably and affordability. 

All of this couldn't be done without you. Since 2019, OpenMedia has sent a combined total of almost 21,000 petition signatures calling on the federal government to introduce Canada's right to repair legislation. Bill C-244 is currently sitting at the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology, which will consider possible amendments before returning it to the House of Commons for a third vote. It’s critical that all MPs show support for Bill C-244. If you’re looking to make an impact, you can still share our petition in support on Facebook or Twitter

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for speaking up!

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