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The UK's Mass Digital Surveillance Ruled Unlawful. What's Next?

Positive progress in the fight against mass surveillance as chunks of the UK's Investigatory Powers Act are ruled unlawful. UK Court of Appeal agrees: it's not acceptable to collect the nation's Internet activity, and then offer that data up to various public bodies, without even suspicion of a crime .
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With every pub in the UK and 1.4 million geofenced locations worldwide 👉🏽 "Drinking: it’s worse for you than you th…
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Unless we can convince them otherwise, a huge number of MEPs will follow through on plans to vote in favour of the…
16 hours 36 min ago
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1 day 4 hours ago
The is bending its rules to provide media companies with a layer of privacy. What do yo think about this move…
1 day 5 hours ago

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