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Police Drones and the War on Data

In this article, our guest contributor Adam Peach details the latest uses of drone technology for surveillance, detailing worldwide trends as they have stemmed from military technology.
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ISPs claim your browsing historians isn't 'sensitive info' and they should be able to profit from it

Do you think Internet service providers (ISPs) should be treated differently than web companies, like Facebook and Google, in terms of their access to your browsing history? Note: Web companies (e.g. Facebook) cannot see your browsing history outside their own domain, whereas your ISP can see pretty much every site you visit...
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RT : How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It
3 hours 3 min ago
Invasive digital searches at the U.S. border are jeopardizing your privacy and that of all your contacts! Speak out…
11 hours 21 min ago
Good news! The has just been slammed by major Spanish newspaper :
20 hours 22 min ago
Speak out to stop data sharing between the UK and USA if President will use it to strip away basic liberties:
1 day 3 hours ago
Gov't is proceeding w plans to expand warrantless access to your private data -- despite public consultation:
1 day 4 hours ago

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