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Worst Timing for Obama to Expand Surveillance Powers

Relaxing rules for intelligence agencies so that they can share information on innocent citizens between each other as they please, without warrants or oversight, is a grave mistake at this time. Express your disappointment to Obama and share widely.
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Yes, the NSA can access and surveil traffic through the use of IX splitter rooms. More info here:
10 hours 12 min ago
What's happening to the term 'fake news' in the Trump era:
13 hours 12 min ago
As prepares to leave he makes one last call to maintain , the heart of his legacy:
14 hours 33 min ago
Did you know that ~25% Canada-to-Canada Internet traffic is subject to ? Learn more:…
15 hours 28 min ago
New bill could make municipal "virtually impossible" in state of Virginia: 😕
15 hours 53 min ago

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