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Jared Kushner Holds Hope for World Class Internet

"When you mention infrastructure, people think of bridges and roads. Well, those are multipurpose and no one can control them—that’s what makes them great. And today’s transformative infrastructure, equivalent in its importance to the railroads and highways of the past, is fiber and high-capacity internet access. We need it nearly everywhere, and in very near every house and business in the country."
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. submitted comments to consultations – here’s what they say:
19 hours 47 sec ago
Crucial decisions are underway & will affect your phone, TV and Internet bills (fingers crossed!). Stay tuned!
20 hours 23 min ago
. will be doing a live webcast about the state of the digital rights union! Live on Mon. Dec, 12. 4pm AEDT:
21 hours 28 min ago
RT : Cr. Therrien comments on national security consultations:
21 hours 44 min ago
Still not convinced about the harms behind AT&T's and Verizon's zero rating schemes? Check this out:
22 hours 18 min ago

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