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Growing Up the Internet

"The Internet is our global brain, towards which we can apply all the wisdom we are gaining about the brains in our heads and the character in our lives." Listen to Tiffany Shlain's discussion about the Internet in a broader context of psychology and human development in 'Growing Up the Internet'.
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Canada’s spies in spat over privacy breach reporting

CSE reluctant to report details of serious privacy breaches - which could compromise many Canadians - due to fear of revealing secret spying activities. Most effective reporting mechanism remains in discussion between Treasury Board, CSE and the privacy commissioner’s office after over a year...
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's new tool now allows you to manage your consumption to avoid going over those dreadful data caps
32 min 28 sec ago
1 hour 36 min ago
thank you on behalf of all our team!
1 hour 53 min ago
only because we've let them. We need to get our power back and stay hopeful.
1 hour 54 min ago
RT : Take action on the UK Government's illiberal Investigatory Powers Bill!
1 hour 55 min ago

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