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A call for faster, cheaper internet for all Canada

"“We need to remember that just 120 or 130 years ago, none of Canada’s communities were connected. So what did we do? We built a railway through the centre of the country to bring transport. We built a telephone system to wire up every house. We built a highway system across the entire country. And now we need to do the same for the internet.”
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#ReadAnneDiary (if you can)

Want to read the Diary of Anne Frank online? Well, thanks to the EU’s chaotic and outdated copyright rules, you’d better live in Poland. 
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RT : Wanna learn more about our new campaign? Catch up with us
12 hours 3 min ago
The social advantages of opening up governmental databases to the public:
12 hours 16 min ago
Did you know that this is week of action? Day by day calendar:
13 hours 21 min ago
We joined 72 orgs around the world to sign this letter on in the EU:
14 hours 26 min ago
: Our own on how you can beat those towering bills:
15 hours 20 min ago

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