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Is data the new oil?

"When we look at the price of data and the amount of money that's being made by big companies by reselling that data, it's certainly comparable to oil in that manner. But it's a little bit different in that data isn't a finite resource."
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Our will join creators from all over Europe united to defend our freedom of expression and the open Inter…
4 hours 19 min ago
Are you a legal professional? Did you know that mandatory content filtering mechanisms put your clients' privacy at…
4 hours 19 min ago
"On some level, the manufactured virality *is* the art.":
5 hours 13 min ago
We are meeting with key MEPs this coming week! Help us show them that European Internet users say NO to the…
12 hours 59 min ago
With every pub in the UK and 1.4 million geofenced locations worldwide 👉🏽 "Drinking: it’s worse for you than you th…
1 day 5 hours ago

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