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Feb. 28 is the Day of Action against a Bell-led censorship initiative — join us!

Mark the date on your calendars — on February 28 Canadians across the country are coming together to protest Bell coalition's website blocking plan. Here’s how you can participate.

As you may already know, Bell Canada is spearheading a coalition of over 25 organizations (including Rogers, Cineplex, and the CBC), calling itself “FairPlay Canada,” which is urging the CRTC to implement a website blocking system to curb piracy.

This unprecedented Canadian proposal is deeply problematic for a number of reasons (as outlined by professor Michael Geist’s series The Case Against the Bell Coalition’s Website Blocking Plan), such as Canada already having some of the toughest anti-piracy rules in the world and the data showing declining piracy rates as well as a booming television and streaming industry— contrary to the story Bell’s coalition is telling the CRTC.

If this proposal goes through, we’ll see legitimate content and speech censored online — violating our right to free expression and robust Net Neutrality rules that both Minister Navdeep Bains and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have pledged support for.

Therefore, we’ve teamed up with almost two dozen other organizations including the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, and Creative Commons, for a nationwide day of action to stop censorship in response to this overreaching proposal on February 28th.

What’s happening on February 28th?

With your help, we will send at least 50,000 comments to the CRTCby the end of the day. And together, we are going to generate a huge buzz on social media to raise awareness and send the CRTC and members of FairPlay Canada a very clear message: Canadians are overwhelmingly opposed to this reckless website blocking plan.

What can I do to participate?

We can do this — over 20,000 Canadians have already submitted comments to the CRTC sounding the alarm about this proposal, and that number keeps ramping up as we speak. But we’ve only got about a month left to submit our views (deadline is March 29) and axe this proposal, so the day of action on February 28th is our best opportunity to stand against censorship and flood the CRTC with comments ALL AT ONCE! Can I count on you to join us?

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