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Reportback: YOUR meeting with the CRTC’s new Chair

On June 28th, OpenMedia took YOUR comments to the CRTC.

On June 28th, OpenMedia had the opportunity to sit down with Vicky Eatrides, Chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). This highly anticipated meeting provided an opportunity for OpenMedia to present the thoughts and concerns of 1,600 of our community members who wanted their comments to be heard.

During our meeting, we stressed the importance of the CRTC guaranteeing Internet affordability, universal access, strong competition, user choice, and freedom of expression. These principles are the building blocks for creating a fair and inclusive digital environment for all people in Canada. We asked the CRTC to actively consider these factors in their decision-making processes and regulatory frameworks – and show Canadians that they’re doing it.

One of the primary issues we raised was how inaccessible the CRTC's processes are for ordinary people. We highlighted that the current system creates barriers that prevent Indigenous organizations, marginalized communities, and everyone else in Canada from fully engaging in the consultation process, tilting the balance of who the CRTC hears towards a very narrow set of commercial stakeholder groups. We stressed the importance of rectifying this situation to ensure that all voices are not only heard but genuinely represented. 

Knowing that Ms. Eatrides has talked about the need to rebuild public trust in the CRTC, we emphasized that trust isn't built on empty words or hollow promises; it is formed through tangible positive outcomes that directly impact people's lives. Whether through affordability legislation or enhanced online experiences, we made it clear that actions speak louder than words. Real, meaningful actions and a transparent process for producing them are the only path forward.

The CRTC acknowledged the importance of your content and freedom of expression and welcomed further discussion with our community. There’s more to come on this as the CRTC continues ongoing consultations on the implementation of Bill C-11.

Our meeting with Chair Eatrides marked an important step forward to fostering meaningful dialogue with the CRTC on the pressing issues that affect people in Canada. OpenMedia stands firm in its unwavering commitment to fight tooth and nail for affordability, accessibility, privacy protections, user choice, and freedom of expression. We’re cautiously optimistic that this new era of leadership for the CRTC will bring concrete steps towards a regulatory framework that is more inclusive and responsive to the needs of all Canadians. 

Will the CRTC hear our demands? The true test of the CRTC's dedication and commitment to Canadians will be revealed in how Chair Eatrides steers the Commission during her mandate over the next five years. OpenMedia will be closely following the CRTC's actions and decisions to ensure that the needs and demands of everyday people in Canada are being met. We will continue to hold the CRTC accountable and advocate for policies that prioritize the well-being and interests of you, and our community –  and give you every opportunity we can to contribute your voice directly to their activities.

A big thank you to our community members who submitted their comments to the CRTC: this is YOUR voice in action. Your active engagement in these processes ensures that the CRTC and other regulatory bodies truly understand the needs and desires of people in Canada  – and together, we can push for real change. 

Another window of opportunity just opened up for having your voice heard by the CRTC. Click here to submit YOUR comments to the CRTC’s open consultation on Bill C-11.

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