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We’re on record — here’s how we’re going to end data caps

OpenMedia, and some amazing partners, have submitted our first papers on how the Internet should be priced in Canada.

Alright, OpenMedia crew — thanks to your support we’ve put nearly 30,000 of you on the public record asking for an end to data caps and fair rules around Net Neutrality.

Along with all your voices we’ve submitted a 43-page intervention laying out the policy steps going forward. After many coffees and crazy work hours, our great Legal Counsel Cynthia Khoo and Campaigns Director, Josh Tabish got this detailed intervention done and submitted on time; thank you, Internet heroes! You can see the document embedded below, skim through it to get a sense of where we stand.

Our longtime allies in the fight for an open Internet have also submitted. Find submissions from Jean-Francois Mezei of Vaxination Informatique, academics at the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project, and Tamir Israel of ths Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC).

The first deadline for the Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-192: Examination of differential pricing practices related to Internet data plans has just come up. The CRTC is asking Canadians what our laws should be around Net Neutrality and zero-rating. Already, nearly 30,000 Canadians have signed on to our letter to the Commission are asking for four things:

  • Put an end to data caps;

  • Outlaw zero-rating;

  • Ensure there are mechanisms for enforcement and transparency; and

  • Maintain no blocking, no throttling, no paid prioritization.

If you haven’t yet, please sign on to our letter to add your voice to the public record. If you’ve already signed it — thank you! — please share it with your networks both on Facebook and Twitter.


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