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The Tyee: Liberal Plan a Tough Sell for C-51 Opponents

We want a Prime Minister who cares about our civil liberties. We need Trudeau and all party leaders to repeal reckless Bill C-51! Tell them to do so at Article by Jeremy J. Nuttall for The Tyee Justin Trudeau will have to do more than pledge to fix what he calls a broken Ottawa to win back would-be supporters, say opponents of the recently-passed Anti-Terrorism Act. 

Steve Anderson, executive director of the Internet privacy group OpenMedia, said the Liberal Party of Canada's support of Bill C-51 can't be counter-balanced by promises of more government transparency and halting politically motivated charity audits. 

"People who care about their civil liberties and want to see a leader of the country who's on their side are still going to have trouble voting for Trudeau," Anderson said. "I think he fundamentally eroded people's trust." 

Opponents of Bill C-51 say it impedes too much on Canadians' privacy and could be used to stifle dissenters of government policy due to some of its stipulations of what can be considered supporting terrorism. 

The Liberal party spoke out against the law, but opted to still support it with the promise to make changes if elected.

'Canadians do not trust their government': Trudeau

On Tuesday, the Liberals released a look at what else they would do if victorious in this year's election. 

The plan, titled "Real Change," explains how the party pledges to release government documents by default unless there is a good reason for not doing so, and end the "harassment" of political charities.

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