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Let’s Talk Copyright to Bring Canada’s Copyright Rules Up to Speed With the Digital Era

A rare opportunity to shape Canada’s copyright regime is right before us. Here’s how we can seize it to shape the rules by and for the people in the digital era.

Canada’s copyright rules are up for review — and the government wants your input!

This rare opportunity opens the door for everyday people to weigh in on what the future of our copyright rules should look like. But it also opens the door for greedy Big Media bullies to keep tilting the playing field against people in Canada, and to tamper with the rules to further their corporate interests.

Good news is we can stand up to Big Media by contributing to the public record with a diversity of voices — from students, teachers, parents, librarians, independent creators, and everyday Internet users like you. Which is why we’ve built a tool that allows you to easily submit your views — try it out now!

From additional taxes on our smartphones to compensate for music copying (which isn’t even a “thing” anymore thanks to the rise of services like Spotify), to sweeping website blocking proposals— the outcome of this consultation will be strongly felt by the Internet community.

Take a few minutes to tell the government why does this consultation matters to you and what issues should be top priority. Your voice will help shape this consultation by and for the people.

Lobbying records show that 80 percent of registered copyright meetings for government officials have been with rights-holder groups. Plus, cabinet-level meetings on copyright have only been granted to rights holders.

The Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (INDU) resumes its study on the Copyright Act review this fall, and that is when they will be looking at submissions from people just like us — who have the power to level the playing field. We need to make sure the committee hears our side of the story!

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