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iPolitics: It’s time for a social media rebellion, including Conservative voters, to #KillC51!

 A version of this piece from principled conservative activist and OpenMedia community member Connie Fournier was originally published by iPolitics. The government’s unpopular Bill C-51 has finally become law, following a recent tight vote in the Senate. The vote, at 44 to 28, was closer than expected - almost all the opponents of the Bill showed up to vote against, but 15 of the 59 sitting conservative Senators were absent.

Now that this dangerous legislation has become law, our most basic rights risk being undermined by powerful and unaccountable government officials. The task ahead of all Canadians, including principled conservatives, is clear - we must pressure party leaders to get this Bill repealed.

Words can’t express how frustrated many conservatives are feeling at how Prime Minister Stephen Harper has ignored Canadians. That’s why I’m calling for a social media rebellion - let’s get all Canadians, including Conservative voters, to tell the Conservative Party that we need to get this reckless legislation completely repealed.

Here’s what you can do with just a few seconds of your time:

  1. Visit the Conservative Party Facebook page and post a comment calling on them to Kill Bill C-51.

Here are some great example messages to get you started - but please feel free to make your own:

2. Tweet at these prominent Conservatives using #RejectFear and #KillC51:

Bill C-51 threatens fundamental values that are at the core of what it means to be Canadian. That’s why so many grassroots conservatives like myself are speaking out.  

Recently, over 100 conservatives, including the National Firearms Association, my organization Free Dominion, and prominent National Post columnist Jesse Kline, spoke out about how Bill C-51 is recklessly endangering the traditional freedoms that previous generations fought hard to conserve.

Our joint letter created something of a media storm, winning prominent coverage on Global News, the CBC and other outlets.It’s clear that nobody - least of all conservatives - wants an all-powerful government spy bureaucracy prying into their private business, shutting down freedom of speech, and even censoring websites from the Internet.

Experts, ex-spies, the business community and a growing number conservative voters agree that this legislation is hastily put together, reckless, dangerous and ineffective.

If we do nothing now, future generations will never forgive us for abandoning our traditional rights and freedoms. Canada can do better.  I’m not going to stop fighting until this Bill is repealed and I hope you stand with me.

Let’s get this social media rebellion moving - Speak up right now at the Conservative Party’s Facebook page and send these messages to tell them it’s time to rethink their stance and repeal this Bill. And don’t forget to tweet your views to Prime Minister Harper, Public Safety Minister Blaney, and to the Conservative party. If enough of us speak out, we can win back our freedoms.

Connie Fournier is co-founder of popular principled conservative website Free Dominion


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