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Rock Against the TPP! Free Toronto Concert Sept. 16

The Rock Against the TPP concert roadshow is coming to Toronto!

August 24, 2016: The Rock Against the TPPconcert roadshow is coming to Toronto for its only Canadian stop.

The tour will roll into the Opera House on Friday, Sept. 16 for a FREE night of music and activism to raise awareness about the toxic backroom corporate power grab known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The concert will feature dozens of high-profile bands and speakers, to be announced soon.

Rock Against the TPPis a series of concerts, protests and teach-ins organized by digital rights group Fight for the Future and Firebrand Records, the new activist label co-founded by famed guitarist Tom Morello and Ryan Harvey.

The Toronto stop is sponsored by CWA Canada, the country’s only all-media union, and organized with support from OpenMedia, Council of Canadians, Common Frontiers and a network of Canadian public interest groups working to educate Canadians about the impact the TPP will have on their lives.

“This fight against the TPP is not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong,” saidCanadian actress Evangeline Lilly, who has served as M/C for the tour.

“Whatever you’re passionate about, whether it’s human rights, internet freedom, climate change, or food safety, the TPP is a bad deal for humanity, and a threat to the future of democracy”

CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon said everyone supports trade, “but it must be fair trade.”

"Most Canadians have no idea that this deal was negotiated in secret under the guidance of multinational corporations with no input from labour leaders, environmental experts or even MPs. It's frightening that this can happen in a democracy."

The TPP is much more than a trade deal, it's a corporate rights deal. It would give multinational corporations the power to override Canadian sovereignty by suing governments under secretive trade tribunals - rather than through the courts - if they feel our labour, environmental, health or other standards could lead to a loss of profits.

The deal would also result in the loss of thousands of Canadian jobs as manufacturers and others move work overseas.


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