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Mobilicity employees’ MVNO proposal deserves serious consideration, although wireless prices will rise even further unless indie spectrum is kept out of Big Telecom’s hands

Reports over weekend suggest government is poised to allow Rogers and Telus to acquire Mobilicity’s valuable wireless spectrum, despite promises it would be set aside for affordable, independent providers

Tabish continued: “Unfortunately, this news comes hot on the heels of official confirmation that cell phone prices are increasing at over 3 times the rate of inflation. The government must at least ensure that Mobilicity can continue business as an MVNO, a model that has successfully lowered prices in other nations but has yet to embraced by the government. Anything less, and Canadians would rather see this deal blocked.”

Tens of thousands of Canadians are speaking out for lower prices at

More Info:

  • Canadians currently have the lowest mobile device adoption rates of any OECD country, a problem largely due to our sky high wireless rates.

  • The CRTC recently chose not to create fair open access rules that would’ve allowed MVNO providers like Ting or GoogleFi to enter Canada and offer Canadians greater choice and affordability. Instead, they chose a path that continues to put the bar too high for new providers to sell services within Canada.

  • the MVNO model has a proven track record of successfully lowering prices in many countries, including the U.K. where a 1GB nationwide cell phone plan costs under $20 a month.


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