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Joint Petition with over 100,000 signatures against Secret Police Bill C-51 to be delivered to key Parliamentary Committee on Monday

The massive petition organized by Leadnow and OpenMedia will be delivered at a key parliamentary hearing into Bill C-51 later today. A recent poll revealed that support for the legislation has plummeted, with 50% of Canadians now opposing it.


Leadnow’s Campaigns Director Jamie Biggar said: “The experts have spoken, the issue is lighting up social media, and the verdict is in: Canadians understand that they are more likely to be killed by a moose than a terror plot, and they will stand up for each other against a law that would dangerously undermine our freedom.”

OpenMedia’s Executive Director Steve Anderson said: “I am honoured to be delivering the voices of over 100,000 Canadians directly to key MPs later today. This legislation will transform CSIS into a secret police force with no accountability, while also violating our basic freedoms and Charter rights. I’ll be asking MPs to listen to their constituents, and vote with their conscience against this reckless, dangerous, and ineffective legislation.”

Steve Anderson’s testimony will take place between 6.30pm-7.30pm at Room 237-C, Centre Block today. OpenMedia was allocated ten minutes to speak, but is splitting this time with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and with principled conservative group Free Dominion to ensure their voices are heard.

A wide range of prominent Canadians, including four former prime ministers, leading privacy and security experts, former CSIS agents, and the government’s own Privacy Commissioner have spoken out to warn Canadians about the legislation.

Canadians are continuing to speak out about Bill C-51 at


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Leadnow is an independent advocacy organization that helps generations of Canadians work together for a strong democracy, fair economy and safe climate for all generations.

The Leadnow community has grown to include over 400,000 Canadians with diverse campaigns that engage and empower people online and in their communities all across Canada.


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OpenMedia is a network of people and organizations working to safeguard the possibilities of the open Internet. We work toward informed and participatory digital policy.

Through campaigns such as and, has engaged over half-a-million Canadians, and has influenced public policy and federal law.



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