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First REMIXOLOGY Event Features BP Oil Spill Photos and Dialogue About Media Innovation

FreshMedia launches REMIXOLOGY, a monthly series of salon talks about reinvigorating Canada’s media system.

Vancouver, BC - FreshMedia presents REMIXOLOGY, the first in a series of talks and networking events for arts, media, technology and social change makers on August 18 at W2 Storyeum Salon, 151 West Cordova.

The August 18 event is titled ‘Rethinking Cooperative Media’ and will feature a presentation from Kris Krug, acclaimed local photographer and social media expert. Kris will share his photos from a recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico to cover the BP disaster through TEDxOilSpill. A dialogue will follow, on the topic “Toward Cooperative Media Making: How can professional and citizen journalists collaborate?”

The REMIXOLOGY series will run each month, gathering media professionals, social media experts and social changemakers to share new ideas for remixing Canada’s media system. The series aims to promote dialogue about collaboration among arts, media, technology, not-for-profit, journalism and social change communities. According to Beyond Robson Editor and Fresh Media co-founder Kat Braybrooke: “This is an exciting time for media innovation in Canada, and Vancouver’s receptive enthusiasm for new ideas gives me a lot of hope for the potential of REMIXOLOGY at this point in our history.”

Vivian Xudan Pan, Beyond Robson Columnist and Co-Founder of Fresh Media said today, "I'm excited to see the variety of innovative ideas and project initiatives that are going to sprout out of this series. What makes REMIXOLOGY unique is the diversity of the space. We're composed of all types of media-makers ranging from journalists and bloggers to artists and film students... [Given] the amount of participants who attended our previous events it's evident there's a thirst in the city for celebrating media innovation and the arts."

6:30-8:30PM, August 18 at W2 Storyeum Salon, 151 West Cordova
RSVP is limited to 50 people
$5 cash suggested donation - A portion of registration proceeds will be donated to the BP cleanup effort.
Cash bar and light snacks will be served.

Sponsored by W2 Media + Arts Centre and The Tyee


Kat Braybrooke,
Editor, Beyond Robson
Co-Founder, Fresh Media
[email protected]

Vivian Xudan Pan,
Columnist, BeyondRobson
Co-Founder, Fresh Media
[email protected]

Steve Anderson
National Coordinator,
Co-Founder, Fresh Media
[email protected]

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