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Canadians demanding James Moore take action to end media conglomerates’ $150,000 copyright shakedown

U.S. media giants are sending Canadians threatening notices telling them they could face $150,000 lawsuits and get kicked kicked off the Internet – neither of which are possible under Canadian law

“These misleading notices amount to an unjust shakedown of Canadian Internet users by U.S. media giants,” says OpenMedia’s Free Expression campaign lead Meghan Sali. “This is nothing more than a cash-grab by companies threatened by the Internet. Industry Minister James Moore was warned that he needed to implement safeguards to stop this kind of behaviour from happening. He failed and now Internet users are paying the price.”

Sali continued: “Canadians have worked hard to shape common-sense copyright rules that balance the needs to artists, creators, and Internet users. Now we see that balance threatened by the underhanded tactics of U.S. media giants. James Moore needs to close this loophole and stop this abusive shakedown now.”

OpenMedia is recommending the following steps to close the loophole and protect Internet users:

  • immediately implementing regulations about what can be put in a notice - including a ban on demanding settlements, and stipulating that these notices are being sent based on alleged infringement, not proven in a court of law.

  • penalties for rights-holders if they send notices with misrepresentation of liability

  • review upcoming legislation - specifically Bill S-4 - to prevent Canadians’ personal information being handed to copyright trolls without a court order.

  • amend the Copyright Act to include a “misuse of copyright” provision that would impose penalties for overstating claims and potential penalties for alleged infringement.

Canadians are speaking out to demand Industry Minister James Moore take action at

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