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“This campaign will continue until Bill C-51 is repealed” vow those who fought the reckless legislation, as government rams it through Senate in final vote

OpenMedia launching renewed campaign at as focus shifts to political arena, with commitment to kill the reckless and unpopular legislation set to become a decisive factor in October’s election

Responding to the vote, OpenMedia’s communications managerDavid Christopher said: “Over 240,000 Canadians spoke out against reckless Bill C-51 in one of the largest grassroots education campaigns in Canadian history. The government unfortunately ignored the large majority of Canadians who oppose this bill, including business leaders and their own supporters. Our message today is clear: we’re going to keep up this fight until this dangerous Bill is fully repealed.”

Christopher continued: “Out-of-touch arrogant Ottawa politicians think they can ignore the large majority of Canadians who oppose this Bill. Bill C-51 is set to become a decisive factor in October’s election, and politicians who ignore Canadians will pay a heavy political price. The more people find learn about reckless bill C-51 the less they like it. The opposition to this ineffective legislation will grow until the Bill is killed.”

In addition to hosting the go-to C-51 action platform at, OpenMedia recently launched a positive, pro-privacy action plan, shaped by over 125,000 everyday Canadians. The plan will repeal Bill C-51, restore the privacy rights of citizens, end mass surveillance, and place spy agencies like CSIS and CSE under democratic oversight and accountability.

As of this morning, 243,298 people have signed the petition, making this one of the largest campaigns in Canadian history. OpenMedia is encouraging Canadians to continue speaking out until C-51 is killed or overturned.  Canadians can speak out at





David Christopher

Communications Manager, OpenMedia


[email protected]


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