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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, International context.

Government’s own report confirms Canadian wireless prices still amongst highest in industrialized world, while more affordable new entrants starting to have positive impact on costs

July 14, 2014Access
New entrants hugely outperform the Big Three when it comes to wireless costs - but the Big Three is still blocking many Canadians from these affordable alternatives

Government spying on law-abiding public figures is tearing apart the fabric of our democracy, says OpenMedia following new revelations

July 8, 2014Privacy
Bombshell revelations from journalists Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain expose extensive government spying on public figures, including a political candidate, a civil rights activist, lawyers, and academics

Social media companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and Internet user groups speak out about costs of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement

July 8, 2014

Measures to improve Canadians’ access to independent wireless services hailed as a positive step forward, although more will be needed to lower prices and boost choice

July 7, 2014Access
Industry Minister James Moore has announced that vital digital assets will be set aside for affordable new entrants in upcoming auction of AWS-3 wireless spectrum. Canadians have been calling for this type of set-aside for years.

OpenMedia launches new tool to enable Canadians to go face to face with those behind international Internet Censorship talks set to kick off in Ottawa

June 26, 2014Free Expression
The secretive meetings concern a wide-ranging 12-country international agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Leaked documents suggest Canada’s Internet could become far more expensive, censored, and policed.

Breaking - Poll: Massive 73% majority of Canadians are opposed to Peter MacKay’s Online Spying Bill C-13

June 19, 2014Privacy
73% of Canadians oppose Bill C-13, with just 15% approving. Huge opposition among all regions, age groups, genders, and income levels. Even Conservatives oppose Bill C-13 by 62% to 24%.

Breaking - New Liberal Bill takes meaningful steps to rein in spy agency CSEC and improve oversight and judicial control

June 18, 2014Privacy
Privacy campaigners consider Liberal proposals to boost oversight, judicial control, and transparency over Canadian spy agency CSEC a welcome first step toward reining in the eavesdropping agency

New Access My Info tool empowers Canadians to learn what information their telecom collects about them, and shares with third parties, including government entities

June 16, 2014Privacy
Tool built by privacy experts helps shed light on the data telecom companies collect and retain about Canadians

Supreme Court’s historic decision on warrantless disclosures is huge win for Canadian privacy, places big question mark over constitutionality of govt’s Bill C-13

June 13, 2014Privacy
Supreme Court’s historic decision on warrantless disclosures is huge win for Canadian privacy, places big question mark over constitutionality of govt’s Bill C-13

Govt under huge pressure as its new Privacy Commissioner tells MPs that Online Spying proposals must be removed from C-13

June 10, 2014Privacy
Daniel Therrien, the government’s recently appointed federal privacy watchdog, told key MPs that C-13 should be split to remove controversial and unpopular online spying provisions