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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, International context.

Large majority of submissions to European Commission oppose link tax but Commission continues to pursue the policy

May 25, 2016Free Expression
Internet users concerned over Commission’s continued push forward on unpopular plan to tax links and snippets and possible introduction of new liabilities for online platforms

Ruth Coustick-Deal

Digital Rights Specialist
London, UK
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OpenMedia Joins with 59 Companies and Grassroots Groups to Push FCC on Zero-Rating; Call for Open, Public Process to Review Existing Zero-Rating Plans

May 24, 2016Access
Ahead of FCC open meeting, call for evaluation of zero-rating plans to be informed by a transparent, open process

In letter backed by almost 45,000 petition signers, OpenMedia asks Netflix’s Reed Hastings to stop blocking privacy-conscious VPN users

May 11, 2016Privacy
Netflix crackdown leaves VPN users forced to decide between watching their favourite shows and protecting their privacy in a post-Snowden world

Detailed feedback from thousands of EU Internet users rejecting Commission’s Link Tax plan to be presented to key MEPs

May 11, 2016Free Expression
MEPs on key European Parliament committee meet with OpenMedia to discuss opposition to ancillary copyright and additional liabilities for online platforms

Speech from Commissioner Oettinger signals continued movement towards innovation-killing link tax in new copyright consultation

April 6, 2016Free Expression
News websites, businesses and Internet users could face “Link Tax 2.0” as Commission hints at expansion of controversial legislative measures

38 Public Interest Organizations Call for Questions on Expanding Internet Access in Upcoming Presidential Debates

March 3, 2016Access
Given Issue’s Economic and Social Impacts, Letter to Debate Moderators Calls for Broadband Access Disparity to be Part of Presidential Candidate Discussions

International Coalition Calls for Trade Agreement Reform to Protect Global Digital Rights

February 22, 2016Free Expression
Secretive and Closed Treaty Negotiations Leave Out Important Voices in Trade Debates

As TPP is signed in Auckland casino, campaigners vow “final battle” to prevent massive deal being ratified

February 3, 2016Free Expression
Experts warn that extreme TPP intellectual property rules will cost economy billions, undermine digital rights, and restrict freedom of expression online

Trans-Pacific Partnership to be signed in a New Zealand casino tomorrow, OpenMedia available to comment

February 2, 2016Free Expression
Trade Ministers will gather in Auckland, New Zealand to sign the controversial deal.

European Commission’s decision to exclude citizens’ feedback from its own public consultation will undermine trust in EU institutions

January 27, 2016Free Expression
Over 10,000 individually-written responses to the Commission’s consultation on the role of online platforms ignored in Commission’s initial analysis, including over 2500 from EU citizens