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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, International context.

Canadians outraged by fresh revelations of potential spying on their sensitive private information by government spy agency

August 22, 2013Privacy
Canadians are demanding answers from the government and an immediate stop to all programs of arbitrary online spying, says citizen-backed

Over 60,000 Canadians now speaking out for cell phone choice

August 21, 2013Access
Rapidly-growing Demand Choice campaign spurred on by citizen outrage at misleading Big Three PR and lobbying effort, says

The government must not buckle in the face of unprecedented pressure from coddled cell phone giants, says

July 30, 2013Access
Big Telecom is using legal action against the government and an expensive PR campaign to prevent startup Canadian wireless providers from operating on a level playing field

Diverse International coalition launches alternative process to secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership talks

July 24, 2013
July 24, 2013 – The Fair Deal Coalition has launched a new initiative that will give Internet users a platform to discuss what copyright should look like under the TPP. The Coalition’s ‘Your Digital Future’ tool invites stakeholders from all sectors - not just old media conglomerates - to discuss what kind of copyright law the TPP countries need in order to encourage creativity, participation, and innovation.

Diverse International coalition launches alternative process to secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership talks

July 24, 2013Free Expression
Coalition to TPP negotiators: It's time to move beyond secret meetings and join with the public to chart a better course for our digital future. calls new Industry Canada framework a welcome step, but clear action required to give Canadians access to affordable mobile service

June 28, 2013Access
New rules may help address past government policy failures, but much more needs to be done to fix Canada’s broken cell phone market

Canadians disappointed in CRTC decision to approve Big Media Bell’s power-grab of Astral Media

June 27, 2013Access
Takeover will mean lost jobs, higher prices, and less media choice – it’s time for government to take clear action to tackle Big Media dominance, says

CRTC to decide whether to allow Bell’s takeover of Astral on Thursday; available to comment

June 25, 2013Access
Decision will determine whether Bell will be given more control over Canada’s already highly-concentrated media system Sounds Alarm on Privacy Rights as court case could see Canadians’ private information handed to U.S. firm

June 25, 2013Free Expression
U.S.-style copyright trolling could clog Canadian courts if law not made clearer

Civil liberties, pro-democracy, privacy rights, and open Internet groups call for answers on secret government spying program

June 11, 2013Privacy
Groups are rallying Canadians after revelations that the government has been spying on individuals’ private lives for years