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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, International context.

Canadians demanding answers after CSEC revealed to be spying on Brazil at behest of United States

October 7, 2013Privacy
Continued secrecy and lack of transparency around CSEC undermines relationships overseas and democracy at home, says citizen-backed

Over 100,000 tell TPP leaders to reject Internet censorship at Bali summit starting Monday

October 3, 2013

Over 100,000 tell TPP leaders to reject Internet censorship at Bali summit starting Monday

October 3, 2013Free Expression
Online campaign goes viral, spurred on by citizen outrage at secretive and extreme Trans-Pacific Partnership proposals, says OpenMedia

Citizens call on leaders to say no to extreme Internet censorship proposals at final TPP talks in Indonesia next week

September 25, 2013

Canadians call on Harper to say no to extreme U.S.-driven Internet censorship proposals at final TPP talks next week

September 25, 2013Free Expression
Led by citizen-backed, Canadians are speaking out against secretive U.S. plans to censor the Internet and restrict free expression online

Big Three poised to take majority of wireless spectrum - govt action needed now to stop telecoms from blocking Canadians' access to new providers, says

September 23, 2013Access
Spectrum Auction registrations show that Big Three will likely continue to act like gatekeepers and price-gouge Canadians unless the government takes action to open networks to more affordable providers

MEDIA ADVISORY: Wireless Spectrum Auction registration deadline is 12 noon (ET) Tuesday September 17th, available to comment

September 17, 2013Access
With the Big Three already controlling 85% of usable wireless spectrum, citizens are hoping that independent Canadian-based providers register to participate despite the cards being stacked against them

Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs urge Industry Minister to take action to fix our broken cell phone market

September 6, 2013Access
Leading innovators call for new measures to stop the Big Three from blocking mobile startups from reaching Canadians welcomes Official Opposition call for access to text of TPP agreement which threatens online expression

August 28, 2013Free Expression
Momentum rapidly building behind citizen-backed Our Fair Deal campaign for greater TPP transparency and an end to extreme Internet Censorship proposals

Time for a "Third Way" approach to fix broken cell phone market, says citizen-backed group

August 27, 2013Access
All political parties urged to take a stand against Big Three blocking Canadian startups as Parliamentary committee prepares to hold emergency meeting