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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, International context.

Thousands of innocent Canadian air travellers monitored and spied on by the government - full independent inquiry urgently needed, says

January 30, 2014Privacy says Canadians deserve a transparent independent investigation and total overhaul of failed government spy agency CSEC’s oversight, following confirmation that the agency has been monitoring and tracking the precise movements of thousands of Canadians without cause

Government must act immediately to implement Privacy Commissioner’s new recommendations to safeguard Canadians’ privacy from spy agency CSEC

January 28, 2014Privacy
Government should immediately implement Privacy Commissioner’s report as step toward greater spy agency transparency and accountability, says

Strahl resignation underlines need for total overhaul of spy agency oversight

January 24, 2014Privacy

OpenMedia joins huge coalition to tell U.S. Congress not to Fast Track secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership proposals

January 22, 2014
10 days of intense action from Jan 22 - 31 includes in-person protests, national call Congress day, in-district meetings, reddit AMA, and State of the Union twitterstorm. OpenMedia, AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, reddit, Fight for the Future, and over 50 other groups are among the participants.

Leading Canadian surveillance expert Ron Deibert to speak at UBC event in Vancouver amidst growing privacy concerns

January 22, 2014Privacy
Professor Ron Deibert, now a best-selling author, has long track record of sounding alarm about blanket government surveillance of law-abiding citizens.

Privacy Experts ask telecoms if they are helping the government spy on Canadians

January 21, 2014Privacy
Academic researchers and civil liberties groups send detailed request aimed at revealing full extent of government spying on Canadians through telecom providers

As Big Three aim to consolidate telecom dominance, Canadians come together to discuss new solutions to build a more ‘Connected Canada’

January 15, 2014Access
Citizen-backed is organizing a series of events across Canada to ensure the CRTC puts Canadians first when it comes to key digital policy decisions

Last remaining national indie cell phone provider withdraws from crucial auction for wireless infrastructure, signalling consolidation of stranglehold by the Big Three

January 13, 2014Access
Wind Mobile has announced it will not participate in tomorrow’s wireless auction of assets crucial to the future of cell phone service in Canada. The move could spell the end to national independent cell phone service in Canada if government does not act.

New cell phone service rules include welcome steps for increased choice but more action required to ensure Canadians can access affordable, independent wireless options

January 10, 2014Access
Industry Minister James Moore’s announcement contains positive steps but will leave Canadians disappointed at insufficient support for much-needed affordable options

As the future of affordable Internet hangs in the balance, Canadians tell CRTC to ditch the deadweight of Big Telecom giants

January 9, 2014Access
With Big Telecom conglomerates threatening the future of affordable, independent ISPs, citizen-backed is enabling Canadians to take part in a crucial CRTC consultation