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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, International context.

Federal Communications Commission votes to begin dismantling Net Neutrality

May 18, 2017Access
Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is backing a plan that will eliminate Title II protections that ensure all traffic is treated equally online

FCC Chair Ajit Pai Confirms Internet Users’ Worst Fears—Announces Plans to Undo Net Neutrality

April 26, 2017Access
One of the biggest battles in the history of the Internet is about to begin.

Ahead of unveiling of FCC plans to scrap Net Neutrality, Congress urged to hold oversight hearings into FCC Chair Ajit Pai’s proposals

April 26, 2017Access
House and Senate leaders warned about the loss of Net Neutrality as Pai is widely expected to announce plans to dismantle common carriage safeguards this week

It falls to the European Parliament to undo deeply damaging digital policies of the European Commission

March 20, 2017Free Expression
In recent weeks, two reports from key Parliamentary committees have made recommendations on critical copyright legislation

Ruth Coustick-Deal

Digital Rights Specialist
London, UK
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European Parliament deals major blow to Commission plans for a Link Tax, as Copyright Rapporteur recommends MEPs reject the idea

March 8, 2017Free Expression
Closely-watched report recommends that plans for a Link Tax (Article 11) be removed from draft legislation, but doesn’t go far enough to address concerns about content censorship

Ruth Coustick-Deal

Digital Rights Specialist
London, UK
Time Zone: +0000 (05:20 am now)
+44 7854 341 550

IMCO Committee recommends EU Parliament reject plans for Link Tax, warns content filtering harms interests of Internet users

February 24, 2017Free Expression
Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market recommends that Commission plans for a Link Tax (Article 11) be completely removed from draft legislation

In historic decision, Canada joins small handful of nations that define high-speed Internet as a basic service

December 21, 2016Access
Canada’s telecom regulator rules that all Canadians must have access to high-speed Internet, setting a positive example for the rest of the world

Katy Anderson

Digital Rights Specialist
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With TPP on its deathbed, digital rights activists celebrate an end to the toxic trade agreement

November 14, 2016Free Expression
Reports show the Obama administration will not pursue a vote to ratify the TPP during the lame duck session of Congress

Susan McLennan appointed as Board Chair of OpenMedia

November 4, 2016Access
Appointment means that OpenMedia is now helmed by two women, Susan McLennan as Board Chair and Laura Tribe as Executive Director

OpenMedia submits intervention to critical Supreme Court of Canada case that could shape the future of free expression online

October 5, 2016Free Expression
Today’s deadline sees all intervenors submit arguments in a case that Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin has called one of the most important the Court will hear this year