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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

More transparency needed around police surveillance as B.C. Privacy Commissioner closes inquiry into Stingray use

June 15, 2016Privacy
VPD admits it doesn’t have the device, but disclosure from Quebec reveals RCMP use, and calls into question whether or not other departments have been given access

Huge win for the Internet, as U.S. Court of Appeals upholds hard-won Net Neutrality rules

June 14, 2016Access
Key ruling prohibiting Internet slow lanes sends strong signal to Canada and the European Union which are currently reviewing their own Net Neutrality rules

Community Festival to protest Trans-Pacific Partnership at Minister Freeland’s Town Hall in Toronto

June 14, 2016Free Expression
PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: Large Jumbotron outside the Town Hall will beam images and messages from everyday Canadians about the negative impacts of the TPP

RCMP revealed to be indefinitely retaining the private data of innocent Canadians swept up through indiscriminate Stingray surveillance

June 10, 2016Privacy
Fresh revelations about RCMP Stingray use come against backdrop of ongoing federal Privacy Commissioner investigation into the invasive cell phone surveillance technology

CRTC urged to end Internet data caps and punitive overage charges

June 9, 2016Access
Internet users are mobilizing to seek end to data caps, as new report reveals how Canadians are getting a raw deal on both wired and wireless services

Revelations that CSE shared years of Canadians’ phone logs and Internet data with NSA underlines need for far tighter oversight

June 2, 2016Privacy
Information handed over to the NSA and other foreign agencies can reveal the most intimate details of a Canadian’s private life

Mobile billboard in Netflix’s backyard asks company to listen to over 47,500 concerned customers and unblock VPNs

May 26, 2016Privacy
Nearly 2,000 people a week now signing petition urging Netflix to respect its customers’ right to use a VPN to protect their privacy

Large majority of submissions to European Commission oppose link tax but Commission continues to pursue the policy

May 25, 2016Free Expression
Internet users concerned over Commission’s continued push forward on unpopular plan to tax links and snippets and possible introduction of new liabilities for online platforms

Ruth Coustick-Deal

Digital Rights Specialist
London, UK
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Rogers’ Transparency Report is step in the right direction for privacy

May 19, 2016Privacy
Report sets a positive example for other telecom giants, such as Bell, who prefer to leave their customers in the dark.

Laura Tribe

Executive Director
CANADA, Vancouver
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Stingrays now worst-kept secret amongst Canadian law enforcement agencies

May 17, 2016Privacy
It's time for an informed debate about the use of these spying tools -- and for that we need transparency from police.