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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

Critical Supreme Court case could shape future of the Internet

September 13, 2016Free Expression
OpenMedia is intervening in Supreme Court of Canada case that will have vast implications for global free expression online

Government report on TPP’s economic cost completely ignores potential for huge damage to innovation and our digital economy

September 9, 2016Free Expression
Basing an overall decision on TPP on such a flawed and limited assessment would be “like buying a used car sight unseen” warn advocates

Long overdue national security consultation opens door to repealing Bill C-51, although framing of issues worries privacy advocates

September 8, 2016Privacy
Launched following pressure from over 300,000 Canadians, government consultation focuses more on concerns of police than needs of public.

Disappointing ruling by EU’s highest court sets worrying global precedent for how we share and access information online

September 8, 2016Free Expression
The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that it can be illegal for websites  merely to link to copyrighted content, even if they don’t host such content themselves

Advocates warn leaked EU copyright directive is worse than feared

August 31, 2016Free Expression
Draft laws confirm unprecedented new powers for large publishers that will stifle online innovation and dissemination of news and information in the European Union

Ruth Coustick-Deal

Digital Rights Specialist
London, UK
Time Zone: +0000 (03:53 pm now)
+44 7854 341 550

As EU publishes strong Net Neutrality rules, Canada cannot afford to fall behind

August 30, 2016Access
Canada’s CRTC will soon hold hearings on how best to protect the open Internet: today’s new EU regulations set a positive example

Katy Anderson

Digital Rights Specialist
CANADA, Calgary
Time Zone: -0700 (08:53 am now)
+1 (888) 441 2640 ext. 1

Leaked document confirms European Commission misled public, will introduce Link Tax despite huge opposition from Internet users

August 25, 2016Free Expression
Just days ago, the Commission promised not to introduce a Link Tax, but leaked documents now confirm it plans to proceed with the unpopular new policy

Ruth Coustick-Deal

Digital Rights Specialist
London, UK
Time Zone: +0000 (03:53 pm now)
+44 7854 341 550

Rock Against the TPP! Free Toronto Concert Sept. 16

August 24, 2016Free Expression
The Rock Against the TPP concert roadshow is coming to Toronto!

CRTC review offers Canadians a welcome opportunity to improve Wireless Code’s customer safeguards

July 28, 2016Access
Three years after Wireless Code was first published, it’s clear there’s room for improvement in protecting Canadians from Big Telecom mistreatment

OpenMedia announces new Executive Director

July 18, 2016Access
OpenMedia is pleased to announce the selection of Laura Tribe as its new Executive Director.