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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

In historic decision, CRTC rules that all Canadians must have access to reliable, world-class mobile and residential Internet

December 21, 2016Access
Today’s CRTC decision is a game-changer for rural Canadians. Trudeau government must step up and help turn this exciting vision into reality

Statement on the government’s commitment to release the results of the National Security Consultation

December 20, 2016Privacy
We're welcoming a commitment from the federal government to make all consultation submissions publicly accessible

Affordable high-speed Internet for all Canadians: Wednesday’s CRTC decision could change the face of Canada’s digital economy

December 19, 2016Access
Nearly 50,000 Canadians have called on the CRTC to make history by ruling that every Canadian should have reliable world-class Internet access as a basic service

As National Security consultation wraps up, civil society experts and organizations publish open letter calling for the full release of all feedback received

December 15, 2016Privacy
Over 30 civil society organizations and experts sign joint call to federal government proactively and transparently release all submissions received as part of the consultation

While any investment is welcome, underwhelming rural broadband announcement underlines need for National Broadband Strategy to bring rural Canadians up to speed

December 15, 2016Access
Internet advocates warn that billions will need to be invested in open access networks to ensure basic Internet access for rural and remote Canadians

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In open letter to PM, top Canadian business leaders identify serious concerns with National Security consultation

December 12, 2016Privacy
Over 60 business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors warn that proposals under consideration by the federal government will undermine Canada’s reputation and change our business climate for the worse

CRTC rules that website blocking provisions of Québec’s Bill 74 violate federal law

December 9, 2016Access
Pro-Internet advocates welcome ruling, having argued that Bill 74’s website blocking raises censorship concerns and violates rules which keep our Internet free and open

With TPP on its deathbed, digital rights activists celebrate an end to the toxic trade agreement

November 14, 2016Free Expression
Reports show the Obama administration will not pursue a vote to ratify the TPP during the lame duck session of Congress

Susan McLennan appointed as Board Chair of OpenMedia

November 4, 2016Access
Appointment means that OpenMedia is now helmed by two women, Susan McLennan as Board Chair and Laura Tribe as Executive Director

Federal Court judgement slams CSIS for violating privacy rights of Canadians

November 3, 2016Privacy
OpenMedia says ruling reinforces the case for repeal of Bill C-51 and for stronger accountability and oversight mechanisms