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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

Federal Budget promises review of Canadian Internet policies, but disappoints in lack of new investment for Internet infrastructure

March 22, 2017Access
Limited funding to support Internet connectivity for low-income families is welcome, but budget will disappoint those hoping for the government to deliver on CRTC’s call for a National Broadband Strategy

As trade ministers gather in Chile, new report reveals why Canadians oppose the TPP and how the government can restore trust in trade processes

March 14, 2017Free Expression
Report crowdsourced from nearly 28,000 people finds that Canadians want to withdraw from the TPP, and ensure real transparency and engagement for future trade deals

Disappointing CRTC ruling threatens to lock Canadians into a future of high wireless prices

March 1, 2017Access
Today’s decision effectively makes it impossible for Sugar Mobile and other new entrants to compete in a market that continues to be dominated by Bell, Rogers, and Telus

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Vancouver event to examine how local municipalities across Canada are bringing faster, cheaper Internet to their communities

February 23, 2017Access
OpenMedia’s Josh Tabish will deliver a talk about the Connecting Canadian Communities municipal broadband project at event organized by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority

#DigiCanCon consultation results show Canadians need affordable Internet access to support Canadian content in the 21st century

February 21, 2017Access
Consultation results demonstrate public opposition to an Internet Tax that would raise monthly bills, deepen our digital divide, and force vulnerable Canadians offline

Release of first batch of security consultation submissions is big win for transparency, but litmus test will be how government responds

February 15, 2017Privacy
Submissions from 12,156 Canadians have been published online by Public Safety Canada, with remaining submissions expected to be made public in the coming weeks

Bell’s takeover of MTS will harm middle class consumers and businesses who rely on affordable telecom services

February 15, 2017Access
Merger will result in higher telecom costs in one of the few provinces with affordable rates, reinforcing calls to encourage competition by structurally separating the networks

For Canada to consider a TPP without the U.S. would require a total overhaul of the deal and extensive citizen participation

February 10, 2017Free Expression
As Canada confirms its participation in next month’s trade talks in Chile, Canadians are still waiting on the results from the government’s TPP consultations

Poll: Vast majority of Canadians oppose Internet Tax, prefer funding CanCon by extending GST/HST to foreign online companies

February 6, 2017Access
Innovative Research Group poll finds 70% of Canadians are opposed to an Internet Tax to fund Canadian Content, including 63% of Liberal Party supporters

As the United States formally pulls out of the TPP, OpenMedia calls on Canadian government to reject the deal, and open future trade processes to citizen input

January 23, 2017Free Expression
This morning's announcement brings new concerns for digital rights advocates