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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

Statement welcoming Trudeau & Joly's decision to rule out an Internet Tax

June 15, 2017Access
Prime Minister Trudeau and Heritage Minister Melanie Joly have firmly ruled out an Internet Tax. Not surprisingly, we're giving this move a warm welcome.

Welcome changes to CRTC’s Wireless Code will abolish unlocking fees and strengthen overage safeguards for families

June 15, 2017Access
Updates welcomed by consumer rights advocates who say they will provide additional protections and clarity for Canadians

Internet Tax proposed by Heritage Committee MPs would raise cost of online access for all Canadians

June 15, 2017Access
Recent poll showed 70% of Canadians oppose Internet Tax that would raise monthly bills, deepen digital divide, and force vulnerable Canadians offline

Innovation Minister asks CRTC to reconsider opening Canada’s wireless market to affordable wi-fi based mobile providers

June 5, 2017Access
Consumer advocates welcome the move, having long argued that Mobile Virtual Network Operators will lower prices for Canadian wireless customers

Government report on National Security consultation confirms Canadians are demanding a full repeal of Bill C-51

May 19, 2017Privacy
Responding to the government’s consultation loud and clear, Canadians call for robust privacy protections

Over 88% of the first round of National Security Consultation submissions that mention Bill C-51 support its repeal

May 5, 2017Privacy
A crowdsourced analysis reveals that 88.7% of submissions that mention Bill C-51 support the repeal of the controversial surveillance legislation

Back from the grave — Secret TPP talks to resume in Toronto

May 2, 2017Free Expression
As Toronto hosts two days of high-level TPP talks in an undisclosed location, civil society groups warn that TPP cannot be the basis for Canada’s future trade relationships

In significant win for citizens, CRTC framework prevents telecom providers from engaging in discriminatory data pricing practices

April 20, 2017Access
Today’s ruling strengthens Net Neutrality protections by discouraging telecom providers from zero-rating certain apps and services and not others

After years of secrecy, RCMP finally admits to using mass cell phone surveillance tools on Canadians

April 5, 2017Privacy
Amidst growing controversy, the RCMP says it deployed IMSI-catchers — commonly known as Stingrays — dozens of times in recent years

Launch of IXmaps Internet Mapping tool enables Canadians to see exactly where their data travels online

March 28, 2017Privacy
Researchers estimate that at least 90% of Canadians’ Internet traffic travels via the U.S., where it is especially vulnerable to NSA surveillance