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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

Obama Administration to provide citizens with faster, cheaper Internet while Canada falls behind

January 14, 2015Access
Internet advocates celebrate Obama’s move, and point to it as the type of action required to get Canada’s Internet rates and speeds on par with global counterparts.

Canadians demanding James Moore take action to end media conglomerates’ $150,000 copyright shakedown

January 12, 2015Free Expression
U.S. media giants are sending Canadians threatening notices telling them they could face $150,000 lawsuits and get kicked kicked off the Internet – neither of which are possible under Canadian law

Shaw is trying to force indie Internet providers to artificially raise prices for Canadians

January 8, 2015Access
New move blocks Canadians from affordable Internet alternatives, in attempt to force independent providers to raise prices in line with Shaw’s recent steep price hike

New copyright law is already being abused to threaten Canadian Internet users with ridiculous penalties for downloading

January 8, 2015Free Expression
Government needs to take action to prevent foreign Big Media companies from sending misleading notices that threaten $150,000 lawsuits and disconnection from the Internet 

Confirmed: Shaw rings in 2015 by charging higher prices for slower Internet

January 6, 2015Access

James Moore spectrum announcement hailed as a positive step forward to enable greater wireless choice and lower prices

December 18, 2014Access
In response to outcry for Canadians, Industry Canada has taken steps to ensure Canadians have greater access to affordable, independent wireless providers

Advocates celebrate new powers by oversight bodies to impose financial penalties on telecom companies that break the rules

December 17, 2014Access
Following years-long campaign, CRTC is now empowered to levy financial penalties against telecom providers who mistreat customers

Revealed: Holiday pricing change from Shaw means 10% higher fees and 40% slower Internet service

December 16, 2014Access

Local tech leaders launch #StepUp4Net fundraising campaign for digital rights organization OpenMedia

December 11, 2014
Fundraising drive challenges tech community to step up and defend the free and open Internet with matching donations up to $50,000

Supreme Court ruling permitting warrantless cell phone searches underlines need for much stronger legal privacy safeguards, says

December 11, 2014Privacy