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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

195 Companies, Organizations, and Individuals from 42 Countries ask World Leaders to Support Strong Encryption

January 11, 2016Privacy
OpenMedia is joining a huge global coalition to defend strong encryption.

Laura Tribe

Executive Director
CANADA, Vancouver
Time Zone: -0700 (10:59 pm now)
1 (888) 441-2640 ext. 2

Over 50,000 Canadians call on Cabinet to reject Bell Canada’s appeal to gut landmark CRTC decision

December 22, 2015Access
OpenMedia and Internet users build definitive case, debunking myths and skewering Bell’s attempts to mislead Canadian policymakers

Following Shaw takeover of Wind, will the Big Four be any better for Canadian wireless customers than the Big Three?

December 16, 2015Access
Shaw takeover of Wind creates possibility for greater customer choice, but sparks concern about industry concentration and the impact on Canada’s high wireless prices

Researchers map the Internet’s “boomerang routes” where data transfers between Canadians move through the US, increasing exposure to state surveillance

December 16, 2015Privacy
Team at University of Toronto launches new mapping tool to help Canadians understand the movement of their Internet data

Laura Tribe

Executive Director
CANADA, Vancouver
Time Zone: -0700 (10:59 pm now)
1 (888) 441-2640 ext. 2

Police refusal to deny use of StingRays to spy on cell phone data should trigger investigation by Privacy Commissioner

December 15, 2015Privacy
Police forces across the country appear to be violating the privacy rights of Canadians, sweeping up massive amounts of private cell phone data with the use of powerful StingRay surveillance devices.  

European Commission proposal to copyright Internet links and snippets reveals shocking disregard for how the Internet works

December 9, 2015Free Expression
Experts warn that today’s heavy-handed European Commission proposals will stifle free expression and people’s ability to share news and access information online.

Civil society groups call on Trudeau to launch full public consultation before introducing C-51 reforms

November 19, 2015Privacy
Organizations and academic experts say that following last week’s tragic events in Paris, it’s especially important that the government consult Canadians before introducing its C-51 reform package

Final TPP text threatens Internet freedom and will force Canada to overhaul copyright – but will Trudeau go along?

November 5, 2015Free Expression
Final text includes provisions to censor the Internet, rob the public domain, and force Canada to import U.S.-style copyright rules 

Litmus test for new government as Big Telecom threatens future of affordable Internet service in Canada

October 21, 2015Access
Bell Canada is calling on the new federal Cabinet to overturn pro-customer CRTC requirements to ensure Canadians can access high-speed independent providers

Canadians look to newly-elected government for action as CRTC report confirms huge year-on-year price increases for communications services

October 20, 2015Access
As monthly household telecom spending breaches the $200 mark for the first time, Canadians will be looking to incoming Liberal government for reassurance and action