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Press Releases

List of our press releases, in reverse chronological order, Canada context.

Win for Canadians as Mélanie Joly puts Internet at centre of our cultural future

September 28, 2017Access
Creative Canada policy framework rules out new Internet taxes, safeguards Net Neutrality, and embraces a digital future for Canadian culture

Katy Anderson

Digital Rights Specialist
CANADA, Calgary
Time Zone: -0600 (06:05 pm now)
+1 (888) 441 2640 ext. 1

As MEPs prepare for key vote, German government joins growing criticism of European Commission’s content censorship proposals

September 19, 2017Free Expression
In a potentially game-changing development, the EU’s largest member is joining six other nations in questioning the legality of the Commission’s proposed copyright changes

Ruth Coustick-Deal

Digital Rights Specialist
London, UK
Time Zone: +0100 (01:05 am now)
+44 7854 341 550

Privacy Commissioner’s report calls on the RCMP to increase transparency around the use of cellphone surveillance tools

September 14, 2017Privacy
A complaint launched by OpenMedia into the use of IMSI-catchers (a.k.a Stingrays) reveals that six warrantless deployments of the device violated the Charter

Civil society urges trade decision-makers to consider the impacts of NAFTA on digital rights

August 18, 2017Free Expression
Organizations from Mexico, Canada and the United States highlight the need for increased transparency and urge the exclusion of intellectual property provisions

CRTC must remain responsive to the needs of Canadian consumers and take bold action to increase choice and affordability

July 18, 2017Access
The appointment of a new chairperson with industry ties will be a test as to whether the regulator can remain committed to the goal of Internet as a basic service

OpenMedia joins Massive Internet-Wide Day of Action to defend Net Neutrality and prevent Internet Slow Lanes

July 12, 2017Access
July 12th Day of Action is backed by thousands of websites, including household names such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, OK Cupid, PornHub, Mozilla, Etsy, Snapchat, and Vimeo

Katy Anderson

Digital Rights Specialist
CANADA, Calgary
Time Zone: -0600 (06:05 pm now)
+1 (888) 441 2640 ext. 1

Disappointing Supreme Court ruling has worrying implications for online free expression and access to information in Canada and across the globe

June 28, 2017Free Expression
We're worried that governments and commercial entities will see this ruling as justifying censorship requests

National Security reforms are a major step forward, but do not tackle many of Bill C-51’s biggest problems

June 20, 2017Privacy
The government’s new National Security Act 2017 will need to be substantially strengthened as it progresses through Parliament to protect the privacy of Canadians

Statement welcoming Trudeau & Joly's decision to rule out an Internet Tax

June 15, 2017Access
Prime Minister Trudeau and Heritage Minister Melanie Joly have firmly ruled out an Internet Tax. Not surprisingly, we're giving this move a warm welcome.

Welcome changes to CRTC’s Wireless Code will abolish unlocking fees and strengthen overage safeguards for families

June 15, 2017Access
Updates welcomed by consumer rights advocates who say they will provide additional protections and clarity for Canadians