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Your Net Neutrality Billboards in Action

Thanks to your generous support, the OpenMedia community put up two giant billboards In Utah and Colorado to ensure your representatives hear your message to restore Net Neutrality.

Thanks to you, the movement calling on Congress to vote to overrule the FCC’s reversal of Title II Net Neutrality Protections is growing and we took our message directly to two House representatives’ own backyards!

Last week, OpenMedia unveiled two crowdfunded billboards in Utah and Colorado strategically targeting Rep. John Curtis (Utah) and Rep. Mike Coffman (Colorado) with a pro-Net Neutrality message. Both representatives Curtis and Coffman have spoken out in favor of the open Internet in the past, but still haven’t committed to use their House votes to repeal the FCC’s decision. And thanks to the support of our community, we are pulling out all of the stops to get swing vote representatives like Curtis and Coffman to do the right thing.

In May, the Senate took the first step to win back Net Neutrality protections by using the Congressional Review Act and we already have 172 of the 218 representatives we need, signed on in the House. All this, despite major skepticism from pundits which hasn’t stopped our movement from growing more powerful day by day – thanks to people like you who refuse to give up!

We are so grateful for those who stepped up by crowdfunding our billboards and for everyone in our community sticking with us each step of the way to save Net Neutrality.

Our billboards stood bright as pressure has been mounting on Congress with nationwide protests that took place on June 26th, while thousands continue to contact their representatives to restore Net Neutrality.

We have come a long way but this is not going to be an easy fight. If you haven’t already, add your name to our petition to Congress to pass the CRA resolution to overrule the FCC and restore Net Neutrality.

Here are the designs of our billboards and photos of them in action – please excuse the quality of the photos, we didn’t have a photographer on the ground to take perfect snapshots (if you live nearby, or have friends or family that do, please snap a photo and tag us!):

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