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We made it happen: Your voices on a Jumbotron outside the TPP hearings

We crowdsourced your concerns about the TPP and displayed them on a Jumbotron TV screen outside the TPP hearings in Vancouver today. Check out these awesome pics!

This morning your OpenMedia team was up bright and early to great the TPP hearings as they arrived in Vancouver. Our team was on-site by 8 am, along with our enormous Jumbotron TV screen, which we set up across from the hotel where the hearings were taking place. Then we proceeded to display a compilation of comments, images, videos, memes and all sorts of media from our community while the hearings took place.

Our own Meghan Sali testified at the hearings herself later in the day. Having only a week's notice before the event, this action required a great deal of work in order to raise funds for the Jumbotron and compile content for the display, but by this morning we had plenty of content and funding thanks to you, our generous supporters and actively engaged community members.

Here's a flavour of how it all went down -- and stay tuned for a fuller report from Meghan about her testimony.

Shortly after we were joined by our friends from Leadnow.caSumOfUs, and Council of Canadians, who support our Let's Talk TPP campaign, to ensure that Canadians voice their opinions before this agreement is pushed into law. We also Periscoped people's reasons for being here today as well as their major concerns about the TPP and what can we do to stop it.

Big thanks to all of you who submitted media for the Jumbotron and helped us fund this action. We will keep you posted on updates to our TPP campaign - stay in touch by visiting our website often or through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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