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We just won big, but the TPP fight is far from over

After months of being on the fence, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi came out against the TPP thanks to thousands of people like you! But this fight ain't over yet!

This is a huge win!

House Minority Leader Pelosi is one of the most influential Democrats in Congress, who until now had been on the fence about the TPP and its reckless Internet censorship plan – that was until hundreds of thousands of people like you stood together to send her a message she couldn’t afford to ignore.

She would never have taken this step if she wasn’t feeling the pressure from all of you who voiced your concerns. The lesson here is clear: when this movement stands together, we win.

However, we well know the powerful corporate lobbyists pushing the TPP will stop at nothing. Despite how unpopular this deal has become, they’re now trying to force it through in the “lame duck” session of Congress after November’s election, when Congress members are least accountable.

This means that we’re about to enter a crucial phase in our opposition to the TPP. We’ll be pulling out all the stops to push back, so stay tuned and don't give up the fight!

The TPP is one of the biggest threats to the free and open Internet that we’ve ever faced. We can’t afford to stop now. Can we count on you to help us win this?

Also, if in Canada, make sure to tell Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland and your MP how you feel about this deal through our TPP tool.

We couldn't have done this alone and we’re part of a huge and growing movement all working together to beat back the TPPLet the saga continue!



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