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Toronto needs to support faster, cheaper Internet for its residents

The City of Toronto is currently debating whether it will support competitive, affordable Internet, or let Bell price-gouge its residents.

This week Toronto City Council is considering a motion that would support open, affordable high-speed fibre Internet access across the city, and your OpenMedia team is supporting it (see our full letter here).

As you may recall, in December Toronto Mayor John Tory actually came out against greater choice for access to affordable fast broadband, when he wrote a letter in response to Bell Canada’s controversial, underhanded appeal of pro-customer CRTC rules that the OpenMedia community helped win in 2015. It was a disappointing, but unsurprising move, from a former Rogers executive.

Since Mayor Tory’s questionable move, experts, advocates, and nearly 65,000 Canadians have built the definitive case for decision-makers to reject Bell Canada’s price-gouging scheme.

The good news is that – in contrast to Mayor Tory – Toronto City Councillors may not not have fallen for Bell’s pressure tactics, and want to make sure that the needs and voices of Toronto residents are clear, and on the record.

In response to this week’s motion, OpenMedia has written a public letter in support of Councillor Layton’s motion, which you can read here.

We’ve sent the letter to every Councillor in the City of Toronto, and so far the response has been overwhelming. We’re also keeping the pressure up on Twitter:

.@pchristie Please support @m_layton's motion, Toronto needs faster, cheaper Internet

— OpenMedia (@OpenMediaOrg) February 3, 2016

Toronto has a critical role to play in advancing investment and innovation in Canada's digital infrastructure, and affordable choice and high-speed Internet access are crucial for these advancements.

To get a better flavour of just exactly what these rules will mean for Canadians, be sure to check out the timely piece I just published on the Huffington Post today.

In the meantime, if you haven’t joined them already, nearly 65,000 people have spoken out, demanding Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains listen to Canadian Internet users and businesses, and reject Bell’s price-gouging scheme at

Will you join us? 


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