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Thank you Digital Action Team! 5 amazing things you’ve recently accomplished

Get a glimpse of what our Digital Action Team has been working on at OpenMedia in our new blog series.

OpenMedia’s Digital Action Team (DAT) is a community of people committed to taking regular actions to fight for an affordable, open, and surveillance-free Internet. It is a way for OpenMedia supporters to take initiative, get creative, and host their own events and actions in support of our campaigns. OpenMedia sends this community special updates, reports, and actions. If you'd like to be a part of the Team you can sign uphere.

Hello friend of digital freedom!

You've gone above and beyond to support OpenMedia, and it's because of you that our campaigns are successful. From pushing back against government’s online spying plans to preventing Big Telecom from price-gouging us and media lobbyists from restricting the way we share and collaborate online, it's amazing what we've accomplished together. That’s why we want to celebrate everything we’ve done with your help and that of the whole Digital Action Team over the past few months!

You actively shaped our campaign against Stingrays (a.k.a. IMSI-catchers) – an invasive technology that undermines the privacy of anyone with a cell phone – by researching all the places around the world where Stingrays are potentially in use. Your work helped us understand how important it is to put a stop to invasive Stingray surveillance around the world, and made our Stop Stingrays campaign possible! So far, almost 40,000 people (and counting!) have already taken action, and you can find the results of your findings at

You became an Internet Hero and told us why you love the link so we could share your message with our community to raise awareness about the threats to our right to link. With your help we were able to underscore the value of an interconnected information space where we can share knowledge and culture, while we continue the fight to #SaveTheLink.


In Canada, you helped us improve how people can map their data as it travels across the web, by giving feedback on IXMaps, a research project that maps the geographic routes data takes when accessing different websites, to better understand if, when, and how, Canadians’ information is made vulnerable to U.S. surveillance practices.

Our DAT members in Ottawa, Canada also helped us make a powerful impression at the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) by attending a crucial hearing to decide how to ensure Canadians have access to affordable, high-speed Internet. Having a large group of supporters in the room while our Campaigns Director Josh Tabish presented our submission in front of the CRTC really helped remind them that tens of thousands of people are standing behind our call to recognize broadband access as an essential service. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed about what the outcome is over the next few months.

Finally, our Vancouver DAT members met up to have important conversations about what the Trans-Pacific Partnership means for Internet users and citizens, how it will impact our daily lives, and what we can do to stop it. At our #TeaPP meetup we got your views on the public record of the Standing Committee on International Trade, while also sending a private message to your MP and the government about all the reasons why you don’t want the TPP to be ratified.

We wouldn’t have been able to do any of our work without the help and support of our beloved Digital Action Team, so here’s a huge THANK YOU! You’re a big part of our mission to advance the movement for digital freedom. Let’s keep working together for the Internet we love.

And if you haven’t yet, join us in the fight by signing up to become a member of our Digital Action Team.


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