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Our New Website is Aliiive!

We are very excited to announce our brand new website! 

Not only has it undergone a complete overhaul with a new look and feel, we’ve also made it easier for you to get both accessible and in-depth analysis on the latest digital rights issues around the globe.

From now on, it will be even easier to find out how OpenMedia can support you in the fight for a free, open and surveillance-free Internet wherever you live.

So, What’s New?

Our new website has many innovative features including a brand-new, user- and mobile-friendly interface and design. Going forward, we will be offering more content in even more appealing ways as our in-house web dev team adds new features when they are ready for prime time. We have a host of new features that will ensure content is tailored just for you! So stay tuned for more in the weeks and months ahead...

In the meantime, your OpenMedia team promises to not only keep you informed about the state of digital policy in Canada, but also feature news and campaigns on digital rights around the world. After all, the Internet we know and love is interconnected–an ecosystem– so the actions taken in one corner of the web necessarily impact what happens elsewhere.

Staying in the Loop on Social Media

In response, our social media platforms will reflect these changes. From now on we will feature both Canadian and International content for our pro-Internet community around the world.

Rest assured Canada: we'll continue to be more engaged for ever in the fight to Kill C-51, stop the TPP, and take on the telecom giants. And you'll continue get all our great Canadian-focused content at

Now, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us across our newly-unified social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest on free expression, affordable access and a surveillance-free Internet around the world:

More than anything, our goal is to become better at educating, engaging and empowering our pro-Internet community in the fight to protect our online rights. In order to keep fostering a community of people focused on safeguarding the open Internet, we need an online platform that fully represents our work –

– And we’re very happy that it’s finally here!

Although this has been a collective effort, we want to give special thanks to our in-house web dev gurus, who went above and beyond to make sure this website is one that our entire team, and our entire community, will come to love and enjoy.

Glitches? Let us Know!

So bear with us if you run into mistakes, flubs, or glitches! We've sent our brave coders home to nap for a few days – but you can let us know if you see anything unusual here or at

We really hope you enjoy OpenMedia’s new home and plan to visit often. We look forward to seeing you there for the latest news on online rights, and the tools that best allow you to communicate directly with decision-makers.

Thanks so much, and let us know what you think!


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