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Opportunity is knocking – let’s end data caps in Canada

Now is the time to end data caps in Canada – all we need is your help

Normally when you’re told: “you have an exciting opportunity!” you imagine that time your neighbour tried to rope you into a pyramid scheme, or an as-seen-on-TV offer for a set of kitchen knives – but wait, there’s more!

Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you that right now you genuinely have an exciting opportunity to end data caps, the most punitive tool in the telecom giants’ price-gouging tool box.

Here in Canada, none of the Big Three wireless providers even offer unlimited data as an option— and that’s simply not fair. It’s why we’re deploying one of our most effective tools, directed right at the Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission’s (CRTC) ongoing consultation process, making enough noise that the CRTC will have to to step up and axe data caps.

Adding your input is crucial. Please take a few minutes now and tell the CRTC in your own words what data caps mean to you, and why you think we should scrap them. We don't have much time before an important deadline for public input.

The ongoing CRTC process is designed to examine controversial data-shaping policies like “zero-rating” when telecoms effectively make websites they don’t like slower and more expensive to access. This practice allow telecom giants to sneakily mark up the cost of competing app’s and services that they’d rather you not use, only counting those items towards your data cap, when other services – of their choosing – don’t.

The CRTC will only be collecting input until September 21 – so it’s important that you add your comment now, and our tool will do the rest to deliver your voices directly to lawmakers who have the power to end Big Telecom’s needless, price-gouging ways.

We’ll also be appearing at the hearing in Ottawa on October 31 (seriously, is there anything spookier than data caps?) and representing the thousands of Canadians who rely on us to bring the message that we’re sick of our broken telecom market. Real momentum is starting to build around this idea – already more than 31,000 Canadians have endorsed our letter to the CRTC to end data caps. Even the Financial Post is reporting that Canadians are looking for unlimited options

And in the U.S. we’re starting to see major companies announce they’re done with data caps. Just last week T-Mobile made the announcement, followed by Sprint.

The CRTC knows we have a problem. A report commissioned by the CRTC themselvescame back this month confirming that Canadians still pay some of the most expensive Internet bills in the G7.

And when it comes to “the most affordable” data packages? We’re No. 1 ... when it comes to price-gouging.

Here at home, there’s easy proof ISPs are making “stunning” margins off the backs of regular Canadians: In provinces where even additional one player takes on The Big Three and offers residents an alternative to their abusive pricing, we see bills drop by up to half.

You can read more about how we’re getting fleeced in this report we put together on data caps in Canada and our “options” province-by-province.

This is the best opportunity we have to end this predatory practice once and for all — and you can have impact by telling decision-makers at the CRTC, in your own words, why ISPs should scrap data caps.  

The excitement is palpable here at OpenMedia HQ, but we still need people like you to help us knock this out of the park.

And we promise, there’s definitely more where this came from.

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