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Lowering our cell bills: Your voice on the public record

1 in 3 low-income Canadians can’t afford a cellphone. That means no emergency calls when away from a landline, no texting with loved ones, no access to maps, email, and the online tools and services that we all depend on every day.

We're a step closer to lowering Canadians' cellphone bills. 

Because of your support we were able to participate in a public consultation on how to open up Canada's networks. 

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) asked how and if they should reconsider how Big Telecom's networks are used, and if they should be opened up to indie mobile wireless startups (also known as MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators). We asked you to weigh in at,, and over 8,000 of you did. 

 We put those comments on the public record, and even highlighted some of them in a substantive submission to the CRTC outlining how Canada's networks can best be used to ensure that all Canadians are able to get online. 

Look through our submission here, or find it below. 

To stay up to date on this campaign, and to show your support — the next round of the submission closes in November —  add your name here



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