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Liberals are cutting their membership cards after Bill C-51 vote

Did the Liberals really think their voters wouldn't care about that Bill C-51 vote? Well, they were wrong.  Article by ThinkPol Social media is abuzz with images of Liberal supporters symbolically cutting up their party membership cards after their leader Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Bill C-51 at the anti-terrorism legislation’s third reading in the House of Commons. Disillusioned supporters also plastered Trudeau’s Facebook page with angry comments about the party’s support for the controversial bill which has been denounced as dangerous and draconian by legal experts, academics, former Prime Ministers, First Nations groups, civil society organizations and all opposition parties other than the Liberals.

“Supporting Bill C-51 is the stupidest thing the Liberal party has ever done,” Doug MacNaughton wrote. “You could have changed your mind today, saying that the Conservative amendments didn’t go far enough. Instead, we’re left depending on the Supreme Court to declare that the bill is unconstitutional. Your father brought in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – you just voted to tear it up.”

“Sorry Justin Trudeau, I supported you from less that 100 likes on your page,” David Joseph wrote. “From the first speech you gave as the leader of the Liberal party. But now you’ve lost my confidence as a leader and much of the rest of the countries confidence!” 

Trudeau’s loss is turning out to be Thomas Mulcair’s gain with diehard Liberal supporters vowing to vote for the NDP at October’s election.

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