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Former Winnipeg Liberal candidate quits after party’s C-51 support

The list of Liberal candidates and supporters who "cannot abide the support for C-51" is growing rapidly. Who will be next? Article by Mia Rabson for Winnipeg Free Press OTTAWA – A former Liberal candidate and party organizer from Winnipeg has torn up his Liberal membership card because the party voted in favour of the anti-terrorism legislation.

Victor Andres, who ran for the Liberals in 2011 in Kildonan-St. Paul, and unsuccessfully sought the nomination again for this upcoming election, issued a letter today saying he could no longer remain a Liberal because bill C-51 because he "simply cannot abide the support for C-51."

"Siding with Mr. Harper in support of C-51, even with promises of changes (if elected), was the equivalent of being blindsided and hit by a speeding car while enjoying lunch on an outdoor patio," he wrote. "I just did not see it coming at all. Needless to say I was crushed."



The Liberals voted in favour of the anti-terror bill, which received royal assent this week. Leader Justin Trudeau qualified his support saying he intends to amend the bill if elected to introduce more oversight. Trudeau told the Ottawa Citizen earlier this week he doesn’t regret that position, even though some think it has contributed to the Liberals falling polling numbers and growing support for the NDP, which voted against the bill.

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