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CBC: CRTC to announce big decision on fibre optic network access

Are you in Canada? Do you have a radio? You probably heard OpenMedia this morning talking about today's forthcoming CRTC decision on fibre optic network access. Here's one of the 20 radio interviews we gave to inform Canadians all across the country about today's announcement. Stay tuned! Article by CBC News

Canada's telecommunications regulator will release a ruling today on whether upstart internet providers can use super-fast infrastructure installed by their larger competitors.

Fibre optic cable allows users to access the internet at much higher speeds than traditional cable. That's important at a time when more and more people are streaming bandwidth-devouring high definition video to their homes through Netflix, YouTube, and other services.

A slew of upstart Canadian internet service providers want access to that next-generation fibre optic cable, to ensure they can provide the fastest service possible to their customers and compete with the incumbent telecoms: Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw, and Quebecor.

The problem is, those incumbents spent big money to run that fibre optic cable directly into Canadian homes. Their argument to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is simple: If a government regulator forces us to let our competitors access our expensive infrastructure, why did we bother investing money in the first place — and why should we invest in the future?

Balancing act for the CRTC

The CRTC must weigh the business interests of the incumbents against the interests of companies like TekSavvy, Distributel, Auracom, and others. The regulator also needs to consider what's best for Canadian consumers, while ensuring that telecommunications firms continue to invest in new network infrastructure to keep Canada economically competitive.


- Read more and listen to the radio interview at CBC

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